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RCH's Consolidate Now Service


Consolidating your "stranded" 401(k) accounts or your small-balance IRA accounts saves you time & money, and uncomplicates your life. RCH makes the whole process simple, from start-to-finish.   To take the guesswork and pain out of consolidating your retirement savings accounts -- call RCH at:

(888) 738-7565

and speak to an RCH Service Center representative for more details.


Or, complete and submit the form below, and an RCH Service Center representative will contact you to get started.


Pricing: For individuals, RCH charges a $99 transaction fee per person for the first account consolidation, $79 per person for the second account consolidation and $0 for subsequent account(s) consolidated.  All fees are deducted upon completion of the consolidation.  Fees are subject to change without notice. 

If you aleady have an RCH IRA account, or if you are a participant in a plan serviced by RCH, you may qualify for discounts.  Contact the RCH DecisionDesk for more details.


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