Your RCH Portability Options

For Participants of Plans Served by RCH

Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH) works with plan sponsors to provide retirement savings portability solutions for their in-transition plan participants.

RCH may work with your plan sponsor to assist their exiting/terminating participants, their new/existing participants, or both.

RCH’s Service Center Representatives provide all participants with access to professional assistance, including multi-lingual, personalized assistance in explaining options, and filling out and filing forms that can discourage participant follow-through.

RCH Service Center Representatives are the focal point for delivery of our dedicated, expert support to plan participants, and where -- depending upon your situation -- you may have access to one or more of the following options.


  • New or Existing Employee

    New or existing employees can elect to consolidate their qualified retirement account balances (from a previous employer plan, or from an IRA) into their new employer's plan.

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  • Former Employee, <$5,000 in Plan

    Former employees with less than $5,000 may me subject to Automatic Rollover provisions. If your account balance is less than $1,000, you could be subject to a mandatory distribution.

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  • Former Employee, >$5,000 in Plan

    Former employees with more than $5,000 can elect to stay-in-plan, rollover to a new or existing IRA or qualified employer plan, or to take a distribution. 

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