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The RCH Suite of Retirement Savings Portability Services

Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH) improves participant outcomes by facilitating retirement savings portability and consolidation. Our services deliver true portability to all of your plan's participants, with solutions that have been proven to boost plan success metrics.

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* Individual participants or accountholders -- please call the RCH Service Center at (888) 600-7655

  • RCH Portability Services

    A great place to start. This portability "briefing" describes the small account issue that plan sponsors face, and why the RCH program of portability is an essential element to improving plan metrics and retirement outcomes.

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  • RCH Auto Portability

    Much more than a traditional Automatic Rollover (ARO), RCH Auto Portability defines the new, enhanced standard of care to your ARO-eligible participants.

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  • RCH Managed Portability

    Combining technology, expert guidance and case management, the RCH Managed Portability service easily delivers true portability for your participants, increasing retirement readiness, while improving a broad range of plan metrics.

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  • Lost & Missing Participants

    RCH's Lost & Missing Participant Services helps your plan find missing participants, fulfilling your fiduciary responsibility and reducing an administrative burden.

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  • Terminating Plan Services

    RCH delivers a comprehensive, one-stop, fully-integrated solution for terminating plans, including participant notifications, missing participant search services, Call Center services and Safe Harbor IRA.

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  • RCH Uncashed Check Services

    RCH solves the uncashed check problem through an automatic rollover to an RCH Safe Harbor IRA, established in the name of the participant or beneficiary. Participants with uncashed distributions receive an enhanced standard of care for an uncashed check program.

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