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A blueprint for reuniting orphaned 401(k) accounts with their owners12.14.2017

In his latest article for Employee Benefit News, RCH President and CEO Spencer Williams describes a blueprint that’s already been established for improving retirement security. The blueprint includes launching a nationwide, private-sector retirement clearinghouse that will drive the widespread adoption of auto portability.

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NAPA Net's Ted Godbout Covers Boston Research Technologies White Paper on Auto Portability12.06.2017

In his 12/6/17 article in NAPA Net, Ted Godbout covers the recent Boston Research Technologies white paper “Making the Right Choice the Easiest Choice: Eliminating Friction and Leaks in America’s Defined Contribution System”..

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The Motley Fool Features Retirement Clearinghouse Cash Out Research12.06.2017

In her 12/06/17 article, The Motley Fool's Maurie Backman cites RCH cash out research.

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401kTV Features Boston Research Technologies' Findings on Auto Portability11.27.2017

401kTV's Robyn Kurdek examines Boston Research Technologies' research on the initial launch of auto portability.

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Market Wrap with Moe Discusses 401k Auto Portability11.25.2017

Moe Ansari talks 401k auto portability with Kerry Pechter, publisher of the Retirement Income Journal.

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Changes Coming to Your 401(k) in 2018 – What Do They Mean for You?11.21.2017

Quicken Loans' Dan Rafter discusses upcoming changes to 401(k) plans in 2018 with Edward Dressel, including auto portability.

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How are participants reacting to Auto Portability?11.17.2017

Felle reports on the recently-released white paper by Boston Research Technology.

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How To Locate Missing 401k Participants11.08.2017

In his 11/8/17 article in 401k Specialist, RCH's Tom Hawkins discusses the recent DOL guidance requested by the American Benefits Council.

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PLANADVISER: Results From Use of Auto Portability Product Released11.08.2017

Spencer Williams, from Retirement Clearinghouse, says the findings show the potential to preserve trillions of future retirement savings dollars for retirement plan participants through the widespread adoption of auto portability.

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PLANSPONSOR: Retirement Clearinghouse Releases Findings From Auto Portability Use11.08.2017

Results from the firm’s product use by one plan sponsor found that upon consolidation, workers' median plan account balance increased by 46% and the combined future value of their preserved savings was more than $3 million at normal retirement age.

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