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A Stealth Solution to America's 401(k) Savings Crisis03.14.2017

In a March 2017 article in 401kSpecialist Magazine, RCH EVP Neal Ringquist contends that Auto Portability has begun to emerge as a "stealth" solution for the serious problem of 401(k) cashout leakage.

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Auto Portability Helps Everybody and Hurts Nobody03.10.2017

In his latest article in Employee Benefit News, RCH's President & CEO Spencer Williams makes the strong case that Auto Portability helps everyone and hurts no one.

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401KTV Features RCH Video on Locating Missing Participants03.09.2017

401KTV.com has featured an RCH-produced video addressing best practices for locating missing participants.

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401kSpecialist: Big Changes Coming for Small 401k Accounts02.28.2017

In his 2/28/17 article in 401kSpecialist, RCH's Tom Hawkins addresses the big changes ahead for small 401(k) accounts, driven by Auto Portability.

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401kSpecialist: Good Intentions, Bad Outcomes With Small 401(k)s02.17.2017

In 401KSpecialist Magazine, Neal Ringquist takes a hard look at a legislative recommendation to increase the limit for automatic rollovers to $10,000.

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Is Auto-Portability the Next Big 401(k) Trend?02.15.2017

Paychex Retirement Services' 2/15/17 article provides an in-depth exploration of auto portability.

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BenefitsPRO: Small Step for 401(k) Plans Equals Big Leap for Retirement Readiness02.07.2017

In his 2/6/17 article in BenefitsPRO, RCH EVP Neal Ringquist makes the case for Auto Portability. Ringquist likens Auto Portability to a "small step in the right direction" for 401(k) plans, yet one that produces a highly-positive impact on retirement readiness.

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BenefitsPRO mentions RCH Managed Portability Service, ABGI02.06.2017

In her 2/6/17 article in BenefitsPRO, Marlene Satter addresses the problem of job-hopping, featuring RCH's Managed Portability service, which is offered by ABGI at no cost to participants.

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RCH's Spencer Williams Featured in Employee Benefit Adviser01.30.2017

RCH Spencer Williams debunks two common myths about retirement savings: 1) that employees are on their own when transitioning retirement savings after changing jobs and 2) that IRAs are better than 401(k) plans due to "free and ....unlimited investment options."

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ERISA Advisory Council Backs Auto-Portability Initiatives01.25.2017

PLANSPONSOR's Rebecca Moore reports that the ERISA Advisory Council has released its final recommendations on facilitating lifetime plan participation related to plan-to-plan transfers and account consolidation. RCH's Tom Johnson, EVP of Policy and Development is quoted.

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